Creating jobs with Social Procurement

Published: 9 May 2018

The Victorian Social Procurement Framework was launched last month as a practical initiative to support social and sustainable outcomes through Government procurement of goods and services. 

In an Australian first, the Framework sets out a ‘whole-of-government approach’ to social procurement which will apply to purchases of all goods, services and construction by departments and agencies.

The Framework will increase access for social enterprises supplying goods and services and offers buyers the opportunity to incorporate social and environmental impacts into their procurement decision-making.

Businesses who use social and disability enterprises or Aboriginal businesses in their tenders for government contracts will have a competitive edge over those who don’t.

This will create jobs for those facing barriers to employment including Aboriginal people, long-term jobseekers, at-risk women, victims and survivors of family violence, people with a disability and young Victorians.

Victoria has a successful track record of leveraging its spend on major projects, including Level Crossing Removals, the Metro Tunnel, and the Westgate Tunnel to deliver social and sustainable outcomes.

This initiative builds on Victoria's national leadership in the social enterprise sector, where more than 3,500 social enterprises operate and contribute more than $5 billion to the Victorian economy.

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